Country of Origin Brazil: can Brazilian-Armenian luxury fashion brands be successful in the Russian market?


  • MPGI

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  • Estratégia Empresarial


  • Grant Allen Babayan




The study focuses on the Russian market, where the political situation and the economic sanctions imposed on Russia caused the decrease in the sales of Western luxury brands. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the perception of Brazilian brands, particularly Andrea Bogosian, Sarah Chofakian and Sergio K. in the Russian market. These selected brands were established by ethnic Armenians in Brazil, which makes these brands an interesting subject of internationalization study for the Russian market, where large Armenian diaspora can be perceived as a bridging element for successful penetration into the Russian market. In order to evaluate the potential of this particular segment of brands, this study utilized concepts of the Country of Origin (COO) Effect, stressing an importance on the Armenian factor, Categorization Theory, as well as Uppsala Internationalization Model, tested on our sample of luxury consumers in Moscow’s two high end luxury malls. In order to measure the COO Effect, three scenarios were built. In the first one, the brands were presented as Brazilian, in the second the respondents were informed that the brands are from Armenia and lastly, without a clear indication of the country of origin. Based on the literary review, three propositions were proposed and tested with particular differences in the evaluation, based on the penta dimensional analysis regarding the brand, quality dimension, design dimension, price and purchase intention. The research has shown that COO of brand strongly affects the perception of the product and its purchase intention. Moreover, the research has shown the inability of correctly classifying the brands’ country of origin, nevertheless highlighting the more positive perception of the “Made in Armenia” products, rather than “Made in Brazil”. The research showed no evidence confirming that political situation significantly affects the Russian consumers to divert from their preferences.

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