Price Data Market: radmap, challenges and perspectives in the USA and Europe


  • MPGI

Área de conhecimento: 

  • Estratégias de Marketing


  • Matthieu Moullec




This research analyzes the possibility and means of creating a comprehensive and global price data market spanning. Both businesses and consumer have gained tremendous insights from big data, and data analytics has already had considerable impact on several sectors, such as marketing or consulting for instance. Yet some domains remained impervious to the changes. Amongst which is pricing. Even though the data seems to be available directly, no overall data provider has been created, and companies only handle and analyze their own price data. Having a clear view of how price data can be retrieved could wield valuable insights for customers and allow them to know their market much better. This study shows that the main drawbacks to building a comprehensive price data base are more legal issues and geographic disparities then business or technical issues. Yet changing legal landscape give positive outlooks on this challenge.

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