Mobility-as-a-service Platform: a study of urban mobility in São Paulo


  • MPGI

Área de conhecimento: 

  • Gestão de Operações e Logística


  • Raphaël Philippe Lionel Marie Alain Gras




The concept of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) recently emerged with the rise of new mobility solutions and the increasing need for multimodality in cities. The existing literature on MaaS schemes focuses on cities in developed economies, and the concept has yet to be applied to emerging countries. São Paulo possesses a massive and congested urban mobility system generating negative economic, social and environmental externalities. Hence, MaaS represents a strong opportunity to respond to the challenges of urban mobility in the city. This case study provides mobility stakeholders with a vision of the potential characteristics of an actionable MaaS platform for the city of São Paulo by drawing a detailed description of the urban mobility system and exposing options for the potential characteristics of a MaaS scheme.

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