International Trade and Economic Growth: an exploratory case study based on the country analysis of Colombia, South Africa and Vietnam


  • MPGI

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  • Finanças e Contabilidade


  • Martin Kauerauf




This master thesis analyses the impact of international trade on economic growth for emerging markets. Emerging markets are increasing their share in global GDP output and contribute a great share to total GDP growth in the last years. The exploratory case study provides an in-depth country analysis of Colombia, South Africa, and Vietnam. The research establishes a relationship between global cross-border trade of goods and services and the impact on economic development in these markets. It shows how these markets have benefitted from outward strategies, such as an increase in GDP growth, rise in national income and an overall reduction of poverty. Nonetheless, the thesis points further to adverse findings, such as the bankruptcy of uncompetitive business, price volatility and overall economic dependency on the international community. Through qualitative interviews with directors from the German Chamber of Commerce, the thesis extracts local insights about the domestic markets and identifies challenges and opportunities. The analysis considers the current US-China trade conflict and identifies the impact on the economies selected.

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