Young Researchers' Program

The Young Researchers' Program (PIP) is for FGV EAESP graduate students who are interested in pursuing an academic career or incorporating more in-depth knowledge about scientific investigation into their future professional activities.

The objective of PIP is to promote an exchange of knowledge between students, managers, communities, associations, social organizations, businesspeople and specialists that is accompanied and supervised by FGV EAESP professors.

The Program also aims to bring together students from various Brazilian realities, which will consequently foster humanistic, collaborative, proactive and entrepreneurial postures.

PIP integrates three initiatives:

• Research Centers' Internship

• Field Work 

• Scientific Initiation Program (PIBIC)

Young Researchers' Program Coordinator: Prof. Thomaz Wood Jr.

Advisory Committee for PIBIC:
Prof. Thomaz Wood Jr. (Presidente)
Prof. Amon Narciso de Barros
Prof. Andre Pereira de Carvalho
Prof. Benjamin Rosenthal
Prof. Daniel Pereira Andrade
Profª Eliane Pereira Zamith Brito
Prof. Felipe Zambaldi
Prof. Fernando Burgos P. dos Santos
Prof. Francisco Aranha
Prof. Francisco C. P. da Fonseca
Prof. Gustavo Andrey de Almeida Lopes Fernandes
Prof. Marcelo Galletti Ferretti
Profª Miqueli Michetti
Prof. Newton Monteiro de Campos Neto
Prof. Otávio Prospero Sanchez
Prof. Paulo Renato Soares Terra
Profª Priscila Laczynski de Souza Miguel
Prof. Rafael Felipe Schiozer
Prof. Sergio Goldbaum
Profª Silvia Viana Rodrigues
Prof. William Eid Junior