GVpesquisa resolutions, which are approved by the Research Committee, guide the way in which the main research activities within GV function.

Resolution 1: Functioning of the Research Committee 2015-2016

Resolution 2: Process for granting financial support for Research Line projects – 2015-2016

Resolution 3: Process for granting financial support for Study Center projects – 2015-2016

Resolution 4: Process for granting financial support for independent projects (over-the-counter grant) – 2015-2016

Resolution 5: Process for granting financial support for events and publications – 2015-2016

Resolution 6: Process for granting financial support for NDP professors (collegiate grant) – 2015-2016

Resolution 7: Reference values for financial support for research assistants – 2015-2016

Resolution 8: Guidelines for dealing with default – over-the-counter grants, Research Line projects, Study Center projects and those responsible for Events and Publications – 2015-2016

Resolution 9: Guidelines for identifying projects and allocating PIBIC scholarships – 2015-2016

Resolution 10: Guidelines for awarding research prizes for graduate and post-graduate work – 2015-2016

Resolution 11: Guidelines for awarding prizes for high impact publications – 2016-2017

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